Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fresh-Faced: Fave Drugstore Finds

After last week's makeup fetish post, I got a few emails from you gals asking if I'd found any brag-worthy products lately during my experimenting to recommend. And actually, the answer is yes-- some I've been so impressed with that I thought I'd share today because you can find them as absolute steals in your local drugstore but they'll make you feel as if you shelled out the big bucks in beauty.

Maybelline One-by-One Volume Express: I swear by this mascara. So much so that if where I'm shopping is out, I will leave and go somewhere else. I admit to having naturally long lashes, but even more the reason to be a picky mascara shopper for something that lengthens and plumps without the spidery clumps. And when people ask me how I get my lashes so long, I have to give partial credit to this partner-in-crime. Let's just say I'm in a super-committed relationship with this mascara.

L'Oreal True Match: My friend Layne, a true makeup expert, recommended this foundation to me a few weeks back because it had passed her test. So, I knew it was worth a try when my more expensive Smashbox foundation ran dry. I purchased the Lumi Healthy Luminous foundation that actually works to improve your complexion and make your skin glow, with the compatible color in the Super-Blendable powder compact, which has an SPF and a "flawless finish." Not only am I smitten with how lightweight the duo feels, but my skin appears glowy while hiding imperfections without being cakey.This duo is a keeper for sure.

Color Sensational High Shine lip gloss in Electric Shock: Hello, new fave gloss. I grabbed this bright pink option as an impulse buy to liven up a black cocktail glass last weekend and boy, am I glad I did. This gloss is the perfect middle ground between a sheer gloss and lipstick. The color consistency is pretty saturated so you can definitely tell what color you are wearing, but it shines for days and days. My "electric shock" selection has proven to be pretty versatile and definitely gives you a pretty, girly pout.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Constant Candy: I'm a pretty tried-and-true OPI wearer, but as I was in my rush to get out of town last Friday, I swiped this color last minute with the above gloss for a neutral but pretty nail. Nevermind the fact that I just may have painted a double coat on my nails while stuck in a traffic jam on my way, this polish is legit. The color was the prettiest, pearliest pink and has a high shine as opposed to a more matte-like finish. But the real credibility goes to the fact that it did. not. chip. As a girl that is legendary for chipping her manicure an hour after having it, I'm looking at my still unchipped nails right now in disbelief.

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care Smooth Intense: Sporting my new, short Olivia P. inspired 'do means long gone are the days of spending half an hour on my hair. Now, when I'm not wearing some casual curling iron waves, I can really just dry my hair and run some of this hair oil on the ends for a sleek look out the door in less than ten minutes! I'm super hesitant towards hair oils because greasy hair is a paranoia of mine (as in, I wash my hair every day). This oil is super light weight and only takes the smallest of dallops across the ends to make your hair looks like it has been blown out or heat-straightened smooth. Frizz be gone, take that humidity.

Let me know what you think!
Daily gratitude: Good-deed surprises like the free massage gift certificate + free samples given to me by some friendly fellas from Rosemary Beach's Aveda salon when I least expected it.


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