Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Mantra

Well that was quite the weekend, ladies and gents.
And living life joyfully on the fly continued this weekend. I hopped into town, literally, an hour before the rehearsal dinner and did not stop running from that moment on-- to the rehearsal dinner, to the after-party, to a sweet wedding shower for another dear friend, to a late lunch date, a quick break to get ready for the wedding, then off to the ceremony (complete with a full orchestra) and the grand finale reception (featuring the same band that played at George W's daughter's wedding). We ate, drank, and twirled merrily to Motown on the dance floor among many of my favorite people. But somehow, my favorite moment of the entire time was the early Sunday morning "breakfast party" spent lazily among fifteen or so of my closest girls and guys-- piled up on top of one another, in pajamas eating pancakes, telling stories of the old life and the new life and loving and missing each other all at the same time.
And when I returned to work today, a customer told me my eyes were brighter. It's surely the sign of a full heart.
Changing gears, sort of, it saddened me to hear of the passing of Lilly Pulitzer today. Her prints and love of color were an influencing factor in developing my sense of style at an early age. So when I ran across this quote, I knew it would describe nicely the light heart I've been sporting as of late:

Here's to a week of keeping summertime in your heart and a smile on that face.
Daily gratitude: reasons for light hearts and bright eyes


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