Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pamper and Primp: Warm Weather Ready

We're about to get full-disclosure here, girlfriends. Boys (or Dad, really), turn away.
For some reasons, when the temps warm up and the clouds roll away to those sunny blue skies, I start taking better care of myself—physically. Maybe it's that fresh new feeling or perhaps it's the simple fact that we gals do, actually, wear less clothes, I become an expert groomer. We can't lie to ourselves. You know that in chilly December you just may let your toes go unpainted a few weeks or perhaps you don't shave your legs everyday. But April means bikinis and sundresses and tans and life, in general, just becomes a little prettier. A few things I've been trying out and adding to my list for a certain summer je ne sais quoi look:

  • These eyes: I mean, I'm going to Sephora tonight to make these bright-eyed lookers happen. 
  • Seemingly simple tutorial means big points in my book, as well. Bat those eyes away, girls.
  • That summer humidity can wreak havoc on the tresses, but this simple knot is a good alternative to a put-together look. And while I realize that smearing an avacado-based DIY hair moisturizer in your hair may seem a little icky, you'll be thanking me for introducing you to it when you're undoing all the drying damage the summer sun can do to your lock, giving you silky, flip-worthy hair.
  • It's summer and I really don't care what you say, you need to clean up those feet after a winter of sporting sky-high heels and booties. So, take my advice and try this little trick here—I was amazed at the smoothing results and now I can proudly prop my feet up for a pedicure or massage (the chances of the latter happening being slim to none).
  • I am OB-sessed with this lip. Do any of you budding making aficionados out there know what my best bet for matching would be? And speaking of lips, this sugar lib scrub I am dying to try for a perfectly smooth pout.
  • Last, but not least, a little tip I just was introduced to that may or may not be TMI but I think you'll thank me: apply a little deo to your bikini line after a touch up to prevent bumps or irritation. Works like a charm!
Got any secrets you use when pampering yourself for the long sunny days? I'd love to hear!
Daily gratitude: moments alone to take care of yourself.


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