Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pack it Up

Yesterday I was asked what I normally pack in my picnic basket. What may seem like an odd question is surprisingly not after living at the beach for a few years.
What's better than a picnic, really? A simple little joy, I admit to being the first to throw the option on the table during a gorgeous weekend. Throwing our favorite, fast eats in the basket and filling the cooler with refreshing treats is an instinct for a long, lazy day in the sun and something we became quite good at, quite quickly. For the perfect picnic, forget the fuss. I like options that don't require extensive serving or even the use of forks (don't tell my mom). Finger-foods and scoop-able dips are the easiest options when the sand or grass is your seat—but don't forget your blanket to keep both at bay.
  • This skinny poolside dip is A. Easy B. Delicious C. So simple to make, but everyone will think you spent tons of time on it. "Oh this ole recipe..."Don't forget your crackers for dipping.
  • In addition to a cooler of beer, a portable pre-made pitcher of these strawberry mimosas are a simple drink that friends will have you pouring heavy.
  • More of a vodka girl? Vodka + lemonade frozen in plastic bags makes for a portable, adult Capri Sun!
  • Take one grape tomato, slice in half and scoop out the inside. Insert one fresh mozzarella ball. Spear them, and spin in basil flakes. Voila- these adorable caprese pops perfect for packing.
  • For another simple snack, grab a few pears at the grocery store. Slice them, then spread a delicious goat cheese (my favorite!) along the thicker side. Sprinkle with cranberries for this delicious, savory snack.
  • What would a picnic be without chicken salad? That's right, nothing. Which is why this recipe is worthy whipping up for any picnic. And while it's made with greek yogurt, it doesn't compromise the taste or your bikini body after lunch. Spread with crackers or celery to make it plate-free.
  • And any picnic would be incomplete without my favorite part—the cheese plate. Make sure you're arranging the perfect one here

What did I forget? I'm hoping to pack one of these up next week and pay my tribute to these sunny skies!
Daily gratitude: Being wrong and humbled by Grace.


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