Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bedroom Metallics

While browsing my morning sites today, I stumbled across this lovely chic bedroom via A Blonde and a Brunette.

I adore how they use the silver accents as a neutral partner to an otherwise white bedroom (I'm a huge fan of the metallics-as-a-neutral movement). The silver keeps the light, airy feel of the bedroom while giving it a punch of something unique. Silver piping on that lush headboard, minimalistic metallic lamps  and two matte beaded shams pull in the trend without having it scream "I'm trendy!" Having just monogrammed my duvet and shams in a lovely silver thread like I wrote about here, I'm uber jealous over the chic bench at the end of the footboard. A beautiful modern bedroom that contains a classic ambiance portrayed at its best.


a blonde and a brunette said...

Thanks for the mention! You should post your pillows - I bet they're super cute!!

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