Thursday, August 26, 2010

In The Crazy

"...I almost just said that my life is a madhouse right now, but when is it not? Not going to use that as an excuse anymore -- I think it's safe to say that crazy is the only way we know how to do life, so from now on, it's assumed that it's insane."
- email from Mary Catherine (because our phone conversations are always largely overdue due to the madhouse

So often we use this excuse that my soul-sharing near and dear friend Mary Catherine called us each out on earlier this afternoon. So often do we get caught up in our to-do lists, our agendas, our "oh I forgot to do that!" or "I absolutely must do that today", that we forget how lucky we are to have such infinite things to do. Sure, while we dart to classes, cram our minds full of new knowledge, shop for groceries, leave for work, sit at our computers, pick up the kids from carpool, catch up on emails from friends, pick up the dry cleaning, tune in to the news, keep up with our families, pay our bills, and all the other routines that define our days, we know we're obviously very busy. But how often do we stop to think how blessed we are to be able to live this type of life? In comfort, with people we love, doing things we love, finding inspiration in the small things, knowing Someone else is in control. How often are we content with the chaos that sometimes happens to our lives because of the infinite truth that our chaos still means we are living a life? So bring it, chaos. Bring the crazy. Bring the insane sort of living with gusto. Because if I am living in a madhouse, so be it- it means I am living.


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