Tuesday, August 24, 2010

(Social) Soapbox

This evening, while straying a bit from my "what I should be doing" schedule, I found myself reading this article and this article from one of my favorite industry blogs, Journalistics (Sorry to all you who don't have an allegiance to media and communication, but this can apply to you as well. Promise.Pardon moi while I step up on my soapbox.
We are the golden age of communication. Our generation alone has seen the transition from home phones to car phones to cell phones, MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, from MSN Messenger to G Chat to Skype. We are constantly changing the way we communicate with each other so we can constantly be in communication, never alone, always in-tune to whatever is going on wherever we aren't. The world is free to see our every thought, picture video. We make these. We are now our own writers, producers, directors. Our lives circulate around communication. And this is huge. 

Let's consider this- what are we really saying? In this constant connected-ness we yearn for through social media outlets, we have the capabilities to spread ideas, creativity, information, inspiration, humor, happenstance- most notably all for the good and enlightenment of everyone who is viewing. The question is: Do we step up to this role?  Are we contributing to the growing conversation taking place out there? Do you share the bright/inspiring/enlightening parts of your day? I hope so because I'd like to see. If we do what we love, why not share what we love? Food for thought.
And thanks to all of you who enjoying reading what I love and letting me share with you.
And down from the soapbox I go. Back to your regular scheduled programming.


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