Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Treats: Fiesta-Worthy

For some reason, I really love Cinco de Mayo. I think it's because I equate it with summer-- sitting on a patio somewhere with friends, sipping margaritas and dipping into fresh salsa in the sunny weather. Sounds like a dream.
It also makes me want to order some cheese dip right now.
Last year, bad beach weather literally put a damper on my Cinco de Mayo plans. So I'm pretty pumped to be traveling to Memphis for a music festival this weekend where the forecast is calling for sunny skies, which means I may just get to sip that margarita on a patio after all.
Despite the fact that I'm not throwing my own fiesta, here are a few little tips to take with you whatever your Cinco de Mayo plans may be!
  • While I love a reason to celebrate a holiday, I don't love undoing all the work I've done during the week at the gym and making healthy choices in the kitchen. These are a few great tips on not breaking the calorie bank while you're getting your fiesta on-- or just leaving extra room for cheese dip and margaritas!
  • Speaking of cheese dip, if you're staying in to celebrate, this recipe for queso blanco upstood my critical Mexican cheese dip taste buds when we gave it a whirl.
  • What would Cinco de Mayo be without a margarita? Yeah, I'm not sure either. Which is why I hope to try at least one of these four flavored skinny margarita recipes featured here.
  • And of course, what to wear, what to wear? I've linked to this dress I'm dying over before, but it seems pretty perfect for a Mexican-inspired fete. Or, this cute cotton frock (for quite the steal) is fiesta-worthy, tool. Whatever it may be, finish it all off with a coat of OPI's Strawberry Margarita.
What else do you do to celebrate a casual Cinco de Mayo on the fly?
Daily gratitude: New beginnings and reasons to celebrate.


Whitney said...

I stinking love Cinco de Mayo. My dilemma is ALWAYS whether I want to celebrate the Derby or CdM. Floppy hat or sombrero!?!

One of my fav weekends each year!

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