Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday + Alone Time

Whew, I spent a lot of time alone this weekend. And I can always tell when I do that because I begin interpreting myself (which is hardly ever the best idea). So this weekend I sat down with myself for a while to explore the fact that I am a chronic decision maker. I suffer from literally agonizing over decisions, and even once they are made—whether they be wrong or right—beating myself up over the one that I made. And trust me, I've made my fair share of both. I'm also guilty of trying to make them alone, but working on that one day at a time. Because I need a lot of help in making them—big help, from Someone that sees more than my immediate situation. You see, us chronic decision makers view every decision as a big deal—we also have a hard time digesting how even the worst decisions can line up for good. Which is sometimes, if we're being really honest here, why I have such a hard time reading this when it pops up every so often:
Nothing? That's a hard idea for me to digest. No matter what happens, nothing can stop His plan if I'm walking in His light—no matter what's been done or what's escaped. No matter what I do, if He is my light then nothing can interrupt that plan. Repentance, forgiveness, and grace.
And guess what? It's not even an idea. It's t.r.u.t.h. The truth.
So there's no reason to hide behind your have-nots, should-havs, what-ifs, regrets, and guilt. Once they're done, they're done, and if you keep looking up, you're headed in the right direction. Because nothing can stop God's plan for your life.
Happy Monday!
Daily gratitude: Persistence in Grace.


Kate said...

THANK YOU for this!! I always need a reminder of the fact that God's already planned everything out and He's working in ways I don't even know and can't even comprehend, but I especially need a reminder right now as I deal with some tricky, difficult, confusing, major life decisions.



Staley Mc said...

Such a good reminder! Thanks for that!

Lauren said...

Love this reminder! :)

Casey Mcmahon said...

Thank you! I have been struggling with this for a few days now and praying about it. Then I read this and it's like God is letting me know he is listening. So thank you!!

Katie & Courtney said...

Thanks for the reminder, it's so true yet so easy to forget:)


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