Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy {Sunshine on the Beach} Weekend

I'm welcoming the weekend with rather dreary skies, but perking up considerably looking at the cloudless beach weekend the weather channel has on the agenda. Don't mind if I do.
I don't have much to report about this week. It's been rather slow but sometimes those sorts are needed. This weekend, though, is the first in quite some time I'll have lounging on the beach doing nothing— I foresee lots of reading and mimosas in my immediate future, but with special company in town to entertain I know they'll be no shortage of plans. Until then, your weekend reading for my Friday Finds:

  • I'm really into this post via The Beauty Department that taught me what size curling iron to use for which type curls. I can't tell you the number of times I've been disappointed with my outcome simply do to the iron. This site is just where it's at in terms of beauty.
  • I'm always getting caught eyeing knockout closets, so I loved this advice via The Effortless Chic on how to use your closet space to max potential. Now, someone give me a walk-in....
  • First of all, how much do I love Brian Atwood? Second of all, how much did I love this Brian Atwood feature on The Coveteur? That's right—a lot.
  • Since I'm all healthy and stuff (HA) I've been obsessed with The Fitnessista. She has the best clean eating + workout tips + style reviews out there, with a precious personality to match. And perk—her behind-the-scenes fam is adorable. Check her out.  

And that wraps the week, friends. Have a lovely one!
Daily gratitude: Weekend visitors and reading lists.


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