Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Mantra + Non-Conformist

A new week, again. The one thing I can admit to being partial to about Mondays is the new possibility they bring. It's similar to the reason I love the New Years holiday, or used to get excited about the first day of school.
New means shiny and infinite possibilities.
Something new I've discovered about myself this year is that I'm a non-conformist. Which, really, is quite interesting and quite frankly a relief because I always had this nagging feeling that I was disguising a personality far more mainstream and typical than most would give me credit for. I once had a picture for how my life would go after college: girl meets boy, girl gets job, girl becomes financially comfortable independently, girl gets married, girl is happy. End scene.
Except that I got so bored with that script once it started evolving that I had to cancel those plans almost immediately. Who woulda thought?
And as it was all happening, I wasn't sure it was because I couldn't conform to this life plan set out before me-- I just knew it didn't feel right. As these changes happened, what began to bud this spring was an entrepreneurial, zealous spirit for life that would explain why I have such issues conforming. One that is a lot more comfortable with the unknown because its confident in a general right direction than one with a to-do list for life (which will make my mom infinitely happy). I've discovered that my planning for life has become a little more unconventional than I believe what I thought myself capable. And I actually adore that. I've realized that being good to myself is far more important than doing the things that I thought I "should" do. That love and faith and passion matter more than a career. That there are no ten-step plans for figuring out what your life's mission is-- and really, what if the only mission you're put here for is to love and be the best you can be and spread your joy as far and wide as it will reach and find a career that helps do that? Because that life plan sounds like one I could commit to.
So, in that spirit, a few words I've set to repeat this week:

Happy Monday dears, I hope your week is a happy one.

Daily gratitude: Hard decisions and support.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY .............. YOU GOT IT

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