Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy {Working—Insert Sadface} Weekend

This Friday is unlike the rest because due to my staycation last week, I'll be hitting those working hours all weekend long.
But I'm sure we can still find a little reason to celebrate. Shall we?
The skies are clear and the temps are a fabulous seventy degrees, so it's hard to be less than content though you're to-do list may be a mile long like mine. And after some deep thoughts and talking the topic to death, I'm prepping for a big announcement coming soon that I've been contemplating and praying about for quite some time. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, it wouldn't be Friday without a few Fabulous Finds, so without further adieu, what caught my attention this week:
  • Preach it sister—Melanie Duncan outlines her top three strategies for success (I like success) as gathered from  her entrepreneurial clients. Making a mental note to remember these starting now.
  • And speaking of entrepreneurs, I was smitten upon reading this love note to them.
  • Whitney has a way of speaking cold hard truth in the funniest fashion (and they tend to speak to me alot), and I think we all have a "flight" we should remind ourselves to stay humble about.
  • My mother would kill me and my father would groan but I almost impulse bought one of these watercolor hydrating masques that turn your hair a hot hue for 2-5 days. How much fun for a music festival or halloween? But I seem to remember learning my lesson with semi-permanent hair dye once...
  • Lastly, I. am. addicted. To these. Every morning. And I'll be posting my twist on the recipe next week for you to try out as well (keywords: sweet additions).
That about does it. We have a standing date here on Monday. Happy weekend, dears!
Daily gratitude: More leaps of faith and opportunity.


Whitney said...

ah thanks for sharing my post. i love this new friday series! so many good things in one. and that hair paint? going to need to try - maybe at MJs bachelorette party :D

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