Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy {Easter} Weekend

Happy Good Friday, friends!

I'm, sadly, not venturing home to my clan this weekend to celebrate the holiday. I've heard from most that their Easter festivities are a little lacking compared to most holidays, but that just means you've never met my mother—I've learned to celebrate life from the best. So, while I'm trying my hardest not to pout and stomp my feet, I'm focusing on celebrating the weekend that changed the whole world.
(Great tutorial for these here)
I have some quality Ainsley time scheduled, as it's been a while since I've spent a quiet weekend here at the beach. And with this uncharacteristically chilly March weather finally peaking in the 70s this weekend, I think a little sunning is in order. Pair that with an early Easter service and brunch with other nomad-friends, and you have yourself my weekend.
Today, I'm starting something a little new here on from Ainsley, with love. The most appealing thing about the blogosphere, no matter how large or small your presence within it, is the intense sense of community within it. The comments. The emails. The encouragement. And while it increasingly seems like everyone is doing it, it truly is a space that can be all your own despite that. Your own little slice of life that likeminded people may enjoy. Oh, the countless times I've wished I could do this for a living. Create original content. Write and post multiple times a day. More, more, more. But as that goal is not yet attainable, I curate. I curate the most inspiring content, the most helpful, the loveliest—you get the picture. And in doing that, I'd like to give even more credit where credit is due to the people behind what touches me—the bloggers themselves. So, on Fridays, I'd like to round up my Friday Finds in a different way, directing you to the bloggers' whose posts that week have resonated with me for whatever reason. So, without further adieu, this Friday's Finds:
That about wraps it up, peeps (no pun intended. Ok, yeah right).
Here's to a Happy Easter Weekend!
Daily Gratitude: That He died so we may live, then rose again in our rebirth.
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Whitney said...

catching up on all things blog right now and LOVE this ainsley! thank you for including me. i'm honored!

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