Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Are A Perishable Item

A quote that I found for a client's social marketing purposes this week really hit home to me.
You are a perishable item. Live accordingly.

Now before you go all, "Thanks for reminding me I'm going to die, Ainsley" on me, let me stop by you by saying that I read it in terms of wellness. Mind. Body. Spirit. The package. You won't live forever. You are perishable. So be good to yourself. A self-proclaimed self improvement junkie, I'm guilty for throwing a Lean Cuisine in the microwave (more often than not) and pulling a protein bar out of the purse for lunch, carrying a lot of stress, and sometimes sweating the small stuff. But I'm working on those. Happier, healthier, stronger—those are pretty solid daily goals. And I've found a few articles as of late that I've taken special note of, and thought you might like, too.

Mind: Try one of these 25 things that only take one minute and lead to healthy habits—stretch, floss, take three deep breaths, some of them will surprise you. You can do most of them from your office, your car, the subway—no excuses, kids. While you're there, make sure your mind is at maximum capacity with these nine superfoods that will make you the smartest and fittest (ok, no promises) you've ever been.

Body: Found deep in a list of diet boredom buster recipes, this yummy glazed salmon had me literally drooling. Now, who wants to come over for dinner and help me with my kitchen prowess? I'll provide the wine. On the exercise front, this graphic on how to get the most out of your walk—yes you heard me, walk—really grabbed my attention. For the non-runners, it explains how to burn the max number of calories while you walk away. Or if you'd rather become a runner, then follow this little link here that has what seems to be a totally doable plan for those that aren't so light on their feet... yet (cough cough, hands raised).

Spirit: And since I'm all about my little reminders of our place and our purpose, don't forget this along the way.

Daily gratitude: a healthy body that takes me where I need to go, a healthy mind that allows me to think straight along the way, and a healthy heart full of love. 


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