Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy {Awesome} Friday

Y’all. It’s Friday.

The past two weeks have, literally, felt like a lifetime—of uncertainty and change and decisions. But February 1 feels like a good time for a new beginning (you know how I love those). A fresh attitude. A fresh perspective. New, new, new.
So to get you started, please meet my newest bff though we’ve never met, The Kid President:
(I know many of you have seen this video, but judging by the numerous plays I’ve given it for the last week, once more won’t hurt ya.)

So there you go, loves. I wanna be on the road to awesome. Give the world a reason to dance. And thank goodness for Space Jam. (If you didn't watch the video, you don't get it. And you're also missing out!)

So, the unofficial theme of the weekend is 'awesome.' And for that, a few awesome things for you with my favorite Friday Finds for your weekend:

  • An awesome mantra of encouragement here
  • An awesome three-day cleanse to get you feeling light and new (my Mon-Wed of next week)
  • An awesome tutorial for how to take better pics on you iPhone here—hello, instafamous
  • A ridiculously awesome maxi here—like, so awesome I need to go try it on right now
  • My awesome inspiration for my Super Bowl party contribution (tutorial to come if all goes well)

That should get you started.
Here's to a weekend embarking on the road to awesome!


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