Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mantra

Let’s get right to it. This week’s Monday Mantra:

I stumbled across this during the weekend, and it blew my mind.

I’m pretty cautious to making big life decisions—as I’ve said, I like options to be all spread out in front of me. But, we can’t blow ourselves away with our own potential if we’re constantly making the safe decision.
Settling into the mundane or something that is good enough won’t illicit your utmost potential. What do you want? Where are you going? What do you love?
Make a decision towards it. Blow your mind.

There’s something that lights a little excitement in my toes thinking of the possibilities of taking a huge leap towards getting what you most want. And it may just be a good lesson in learning who is there to catch you.

Bon Lundi, mes amis.

(Photo creds here, mantra here)


Haley said...

Love this! Happy Monday!

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