Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kickin' Off 2013

Happy New Year—a few days late! Even though it is January 3rd, I still feel as if I am living amongst the chaos of the holidays. I spent January 1st on the road, making that long drive back from the Deep South to the sunny beaches of Florida. I spent January 2nd diving headfirst back into work, and organizing my life at home after being gone for almost two weeks. And here I am on January 3rd, where in between preparing to move to a new house this month and packing to jet off to Nashville this weekend for sweet Betsy’s bachelorette party, I’m sitting down with a cup of coffee to write on this blog. It was, in fact, part of a resolution.

Speaking of those. I had to make a little deal with myself that my resolutions would start January 7th. Now, I’m not cheating, per say. But you try sticking to your new resolutions while you’re living out of a suitcase and running out of hours in the day. So, January 7th marks my personal new year. And I’m rather excited about it.

My resolutions are minimal but, I believe to be, life-changing. For 2013, I’m all about minimizing, de-cluttering, and making time. My mentality this year is less is more—less anxiety, more happy. So, because I believe public proclamations help make you live up to those declarations (or in this case, resolutions), here are the plans for Ainsley’s new and improved streamlined 2013:

  1. Take care of me: I say this aloud all the time. “I need to take care of myself.” But that doesn’t just mean eating something more than meal bars (I’m going to attempt this eat-clean plan here) or getting to the Pure Barre studio 4 times a week. It means decompressing. Taking time-outs for my mind and soul. Saying no to things, that aren’t relationships or job-related, so that I have time to take care of me. Wellness is important, and I’ve realized that if I don’t start now, I’ll be a mess 25 more years from now. And no one likes a mess. Here’s to my wellness.
  2. Organize: This applies to my time-management and finances. I’m working really hard to get a grip on  my budget, so I have some more wiggle room in my finances. I also have discovered that I’m far-less stressed when my life is in order. So, the cure-all? Organization. Organization promotes less stress, more pleasures, and more time- time to do things I love, like call my best friends, write, or craft. Organization is my key to a happy 2013—here’s to a better daughter, a better friend, a better worker-bee, a better Ainsley.
  3. Make one big, exciting new change: I’m not sure what this will be yet, but I’ll know it when I see it. So, here’s to making room for something exciting in 2013!
  4. Unsubscribe from all the junk that comes to my email address: I’m sure you laugh, but this is serious. And since I’m an instant-gratification addict, I needed a resolution that I could make my pet project day-to-day. Here’s to an empty personal inbox!
  5. Start my day with Him, every day: I normally spend my quiet time right before I go to bed. But, I think a positive change will occur beginning my day with some deep thoughts and conversations with Him each morning, first thing. So, here’s to becoming a morning person!

Ok, 2013, we’re a few days late, but let’s do this thing. And you look lovely.
Happy Thursday, you’re almost there!
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wfayew said...

I need to do that unsubscribing thing! Every morning I delete like 10 emails to start off the day. I would feel much less cluttered if they weren't there to begin with! Happy New Year Ains!

Melissa said...

Yes to unsubscribe (good one!) I hate when my physical space is cluttered -- I need to clean-up my virtual world too!
Happy NY!

Whitney said...

great resolutions! and yes i think we MIGHT be soulmates.

I made it my resolution in 2012 to get my finances in order and even though i still have months where i am nervous, it has been a HUGE weight lifted. it feels a lot better. you're going to like it.

AND my roommate and i recently proclaimed this was the year of SOMETHING BIG! so excited to hear about your change ---

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