Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Mantra + See Ya 2012

And I'm back. What a month December has been. I spent the better part of the month wrapping up things from 2013 and preparing for the new year—in work, home, and life in general. So after a much-anticipated, much-needed week long break from life for the holidays, I'm refreshed and ready for action to take on this new year we have sneaking up on us tonight. I'm a fresh-start kind of girl, hence my adoration for this evening.

I'll be entirely honest right now, and say a few words that an eternal optimist does not mutter—I wasn't so impressed with 2012.  Now don't get me wrong— in 2012, I did good work, traveled to amazing places, experienced once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with my job, and carpe diem-ed the heck out of my life. I ushered 2012 in happily with no expectations and a commitment to let life happen. And that was fun. But, that was also the problem—I don't exactly do no expectations. I'm a self-proclaimed self-help junkie—I adore refining myself and the details of my life. I find that when my attention is there, it's not in negative places and I am constantly encouraged. So the "letting life happen" resolution was great for my day to day events. But now, looking at things I accomplished, I'm afraid I fell a little short.

So, my 2013 resolutions list has grown pretty quickly as I've reflected on this year the past few weeks. I've inquired to almost everyone else's in my quest to refine my own list—goals to travel, to take care of oneself, to accomplish an impossible task. And each time a loved on has revealed their goal for the upcoming year, I find myself inspired by not only the possibilities this fresh, sparkly, untouched year holds, but by the perseverance held by so many to live the good life. Fight the good fight for happiness.  To live defined by no one but themselves.

If you haven't made a resolution, I encourage you to. Because this is your year, too—and hello, the world didn't end so we sort of owe it to the universe. Because life is lovely and can always be lovelier.  I often make one large, over-arching goal, then a few smaller ones that give more immediate results (ie: feed my instant gratification complex). But more on those tomorrow. For today, let's repeat something as we prepare for 2012 to fade into the past and 2013 to begin with a bang:
Here's to wishing you a sparkly, love-filled evening celebrating the new year with the ones you love most! 
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Whitney said...

i totally feel you on this one. i tried to really just sit back and relax this year - trying to be less of a crazy to do list lady. and it was good to learn that skill, but i think i am likely going to be a little more aggressive in 2013! here's to a great year ahead :)

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