Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy {Nashville} Weekend

And here I go again, packing up to jet-set across the Southeast again. (I’ve never been very good at packing a carry-on, fyi). Nashville calls. Or, better yet, this sparking engagement diamond does.

Meet Betsy. Betsy is one of the special few I am very lucky to call a best friend. Betsy is also the lucky girl to become a dazzling bride at Rosemary Beach next month in what is sure to be one of the most fabulous affairs this season. And I. Can’t. Wait. So, Nashville calls our sentimental group of soul-sisters to celebrate this bride-to-be this weekend, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my first weekend of the new year. And because it would be very un-bachelorette of me to divulge any of the festive details, I’ll simply say my carry-on is packed with enough dazzle for Vegas and it really stressed me out to have to leave my liquid toiletries at home—thanks, airport security.
In the meantime, a few Friday Finds for our first weekend of 2013 to inspire this brand-new year before us:
  • Still haven’t made your resolution? Never fear, a few lovely life-inspired resolutions here.
  • I can’t get this outfit out of my head. Adore. And this one, too—perfect for beach life right now.
  • Have I mentioned I’m planning an upcoming move this month? Simply switching homes,  but what a perfect moving survival guide— tips, and tricks to moving by a professional organizer. Fits right in with my “live a more organized life” resolution.
  • Searching for the right occasion to try this hairstyle. And I think I have just the Gatsby-inspired party in May to do so.
  • Ah ha—gym hair be gone! Now a reason I can go to happy hour after my 5 p.m. workout.

Hope you all have a fabulous 2013 weekend in store—start it off on a good note!


Melissa said...

Oh, that dress is gorgeous! I need a winter wedding to go to...
A Bachelorette in Nashville sounds like so much fun!

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