Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Treats: Fall Faves

Since yesterday I was making the big comeback to the blog (good thing I'm never dramatic), I didn't particularly get to say the smaller things that are on my mind.
Or, mainly, how smitten I am with this new season we have on our hands.
Fall and I didn't have the best relationship before moving to the beach. Sure, SEC football (Hotty Toddy) and the inevitable back-to-school reunion with friends rank rather high on my list. But I've never meshed well with chilly temps, sweaters, and an early sunset. Until I moved here, and the skies are the bluest blue, the temperatures are warm enough for sweaters with some denim shorts, and if you've never seen an October sunset light the Gulf of Mexico on fire, then you, my friend, should book your visit to see me now.
Nonetheless, I've been getting the warm fuzzies for Fall these days (though I'll always be a Summer girl), and when on my evening walk with a friend today I compared the smell of a grassy lawn to a football field, I knew it whole-heartedly—Fall is here.
And my Pinterest boards agree. A few Fall-ish Tuesday Treats that I've been eyeing as of late:

I'm a sucker for pumpkin baked goods, so of course I'll be making this pumpkin cake—baked with greek yogurt for a super skinny indulgence. This website has a whole treasure chest of recipes for you healthy pumpkin sweet lovers out there.

This outfit. I adore this outfit. The cape, the bags, the quaint little gloves with the oversized glasses—I need it in my wardrobe pronto to welcome in Fall in the perfect fashion.

And speaking of Fall fashion, this looks like the perfect weekend uniform to me. I'm on the hunt for that hat.

I'm all about a festive gathering, and I can't think of anything more festively fun than a pumpkin cooler (though scooping out the goopy inside= not so much).
I'll admit, this post was increasingly hard to write without brainstorming all my Halloween ideas. My tied-for-third favorite holiday (Christmas, New Year's Eve, Fourth of July/Halloween), I love a good excuse to dress up and decorate, so you can imagine my infatuation. Stay tuned for all my Halloween over thinking and over planning—it's good stuff.
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