Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Mantra + October + More Confessions

I'm ignoring the fact that I haven't written in almost a month.
I'm also ignoring the fact that I've said that before.
The truth is, I'd look at the blank pages of my blog as life was happening so quickly around me, taking aways moments, hours, days in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. I'd look up and, oh, yes, there it goes—I've stopped making time (like I've discussed here before.) I was left wondering, more than once, about balance and managing everything just so and how occasionally weeks can seem like a house of cards that you're building up, up, and up with the utmost optimism but maybe, and who knows when, those cards will fall if you aren't careful. I would look up from my cell or my computer or the camera just long enough to think, I'm just so busy, I don't possibly have time to do anything else one hundred percent, so I'll wait just a bit longer until I do.
And then I stumbled across this, and it couldn't have fallen together more perfectly:

Sometimes all you need to get back in the groove, whatever your groove may be, is a little nudge. And it looks like Miss Prepared for Everything could use to be a little less prepared.
Big surprise.
So here I am, making time again. For what, exactly, who knows? But making time nonetheless. Maybe making time for phone calls and catch-ups. Making time for long walks and lessons. Making time for writing words that come straight from the soul, and making time for me so that moments to myself don't feel so much like this:
Making time, essentially, to live life a little less deterred by the significantly small amount of hours in the day and let the edges unravel just enough that the schedules and time frames aren't quite so important.
September was a month of whirlwinds and fantastic adventures. After spending a week in New York for Fashion Week take two, I jetted back to the beach for birthdays, reunions, and a challenging but creatively satisfying work schedule. And amidst the events and the photo shoots and the meetings and the planning, I was thankful for moments when I felt myself able to exercise the ole brain muscle.
But now it is October, already, which always means a new start essentially. So here's to a Monday mantra, though a bit late in the game, celebrating a bit less planning and a lot more doing.
Happy Monday.
Photo creds here.


Cassie said...

Happy Tuesday to you!

I am so glad you decided to post again. I seem to go a week or so without a post. It's not that I'm not thinking about blogging (cause I love reading everyone else's posts) so I know mine are important to some.

Glad your back! :)

Whitney said...

i am glad you're back to the blogging world!

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