Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Wanting Less

I'm getting personal again today.

My first year as an official post-graduate school grad is quickly coming to a close, and I realized in contemplation yesterday just how much I've learned this year.

Money does not grow on trees. Living on a budget is hard
Appreciate what your parents do for you. Take advantage of living close to them while you can.
Sometimes you have to eat cereal for a week to afford the shoes/weekend trip you want.
Dogs are like children. Consider yourself warned.
The world doesn't really owe you anything at 23/24/25, so appreciate where you are. 
Responsibilities don't go away. Take care of them.
Neither do problems, so take care of those, too. Yourself.
Sitting at a desk all day is not healthy, so treat your body right and squeeze in your workout.
It's easy to get lost in a career, so make sure you're cultivating your own interests.
You are not going to accomplish all your dreams/wants/intentions this year. Chill out.
But I think the biggest thing I've had to come to grips with is now a new motto of mine: want less, be better. It's no secret I am an avid wish list maker. Wish list for my closet (this is a huge struggle for me). Wish list for my home. Wish list for my wedding to unknown hubs. Wish list for life. But since I am for the first time financially responsible for myself, I can't run out and buy a couple of new things when I get sick of my closet. Want less. Since I'm tied to a budding career, I can't take off every weekend to Nashville/Atlanta/Mississippi like I want to. Want less. In order to want less, I have to distract my fashion-obsessed, wanderlust mind with a goal. Be healthier. Be stronger. Be smarter. Be more well-rounded. Be an inspiration. Be creative. Be better
Want less here. Be better now.

I know many of you dreamers out there are like me in that we're waiting for our dream life to begin. But waiting for how long? A sweet old friend pointed out the other day that our God knows the desires of our heart, and has always provided them for us. And I stand by the age-old phrase, good things come to those who wait. So here I am, waiting to figure it all out. Does that happen... ever? Lord knows, I have no idea. But I am, waiting that is, with His hand on my shoulder, listening to Him say, Be still my child, and know that I am God.
Want less of this life. Be better. Be fulfilled.
Just saying it out loud makes me feel better.


jessica clayton said...

your past two blog posts seemed directed right at me and my life. Thank you. Definitely things I needed to hear. I feel like I sometimes get bogged down in what I want and what I haven't accomplished yet according to the dream life I've mapped out in my head, but I know I need to be patient and in the mean time enjoy the awesome life that I have. Also the whole budget thing is QUITE a struggle for me as well!ha! I really enjoy taking a break to your blog during my work day. Keep the inspiration coming.

Staley Mc said...

Thank you for this post! I am getting ready to graduate and its definitely such a scary time and this post has given me inspiration and hope that in the end things will be all right and balancing life is something takes time.

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