Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ramblings on Life and Time

This post is a dump of mindless thoughts, but oh well. 
This morning has been a madhouse. 
With friends in town, a sister on the way, a work schedule, a (not followed so well) blog schedule, and the everyday presence of chores, errands, and caring for my main (canine) man, I'm not so sure where I left my head this week. This morning I was literally running out of the house while simultaneously trying to pull on a pump and call my mom. Completely overwhelmed is an understatement, but in the best way possible—to complain right now about all these blessings (minus the chores, duh) would be insane. So I'm not. I'm simply saying, life is cray.
Most of the time I chalk these hectic times up to the fact that I think I often fail at time management. But I realized something this morning, as I made my to-do list for the afternoon and wondered if I could squeeze in a workout: is it really that I'm so bad at time-management, or is it that I'm just not willing to leave something out?
Is that immature? There are things I have to do, and things I want to do, and instead of sacrificing the want-to's, I just squeeze them all in with the have-to's. Sure, one day that will change, but right now, I'm 24, and I'm pretty sure I should keep going with the best of them—because I want to squeeze every second out of life while I have the opportunity to. Because right now, I'm not yet willing to compromise the things that bring me joy for the small burdens of everyday life. Because right now, I am young, and tied to essentially nothing but my career and responsible for nothing but myself. 
Anyone else have this problem? I'd love to hear how you keep up your daily duties while maintaining that sense of youthful abandon that I was told this week us young'uns spearhead life with. Until then, I'll just keep listening to this song on repeat (yes, this is the strangest video but just listen to the audio) and assume that everything is going to be ok:
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Whitney said...

i have the same problem!! balancing a full time job, taking care of 2 animals, spending enough time with my boyfriend while still finding time for my friends leaves ZERO room for "me" time! my workouts have gone to crap, my nails look like a 3rd graders and i havent curled my hair (out of pure exhaustion in the mornings) in weeks. when does it all end??!!

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