Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy {Panama} Friday

Friday is here!
Duh, Ains. Ok, you all noticed? Perfect, moving on.
Have I mentioned this time next week, I'll be in Mexico?
Fact of the matter is, I will. I'll be headed to Ixtapa on behalf of VIE on Thursday to attend Food and Wine Magazine's annual food and wine festival. Club Med Pacifica is treating us to an all-inclusive getaway, and yes, I do feel amazingly lucky and grateful.
I'm pretty set for my trip, except for one thing. A long while back, Celia over at Willow posted about the perfect beach hat: the Panama Jack hat. Since then I've been scouring stores everywhere for one.

I fell in love with this one from J Crew, but the deal-chaser in me is curious as to if I can find one for less. So, during your weekend outings, if you see a panama hat for a steal, send me a note to let me know!

In other news, congrats to one of the sweetest and classiest friends I have, Miss Amy Yauger, on her soon-to-be name change to Mrs. Threadgill! Sending you all the love in the world today.
Happy Friday dears, enjoy it!
{Images via my Pinterest}


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