Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mantra + Moments

Monday's here again, and the start of this week is exceptionally anticipated as luggage is pulled out and packing lists are made for a work getaway to Mexico. It will be a busy one, as I'll be missing three days of work and will be proactively getting my ducks in a row before getting away. In preparing tonight, I looked back at a few sweet moments from my weekend.
 Little sis popped in for a quick visit.
 Celebrating the great St. Pat's with friends.
 Playing in my backyard.
 Last night of the girls' trip.
Puppy helping me work a little this weekend.
Reflecting on simple joys led me straight to this week's mantra:
I am grateful for my simple little moments. 
I am grateful for being able to lay eyes on loved ones' faces.
I am grateful for Sunday afternoons of reflection on the beach with a best friend.
I am grateful for my job and the opportunities entrusted to me by generous bosses.
I am grateful that Mary Catherine not only found the perfect Panama hat, but bought it and shipped it two day delivery to me for a pre-Mexico arrival.
I am grateful for funny text message conversations with family.
I am grateful for mint fingernail polish.
I am grateful for the most inspiring book Ann Clark left for me. (Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow)
I am grateful for aspirations.
I am grateful for bedtime tea.
I am grateful for grace.

I'm challenging myself to incorporate a daily gratitude list into my morning devotion. When you start off each day naming a few things that enrich your life, it seems the negatives might have a bit tougher of a time getting to you. Do any of you incorporate daily gratitude practices in your morning routine? Would love to hear your ideas.

Happy Monday lovelies—be grateful.


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