Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a good gift guide. And me? I love a good stocking stuffer. My stocking is the first thing I go for on Christmas morning, digging deep into my needlepointed stocking that hangs above the fireplace to pull out the little happies that I'll use year 'round. So whether you're looking for a few stocking stuffers to add to your own wishlist, or maybe just a small gift for a friend or co-worker, perhaps one of these items that are on my radar for the holiday season will do just the trick.

1. A new iPhone case. Who doesn't want their phone to be protected in these dots?

2. This fabulous cocktail ring. To adorn a naked left hand, perhaps?
3. These beautiful recovered vintage books would be great on any bookcase or stacked on a sidetable.
4. Much chicer than my business cards, these calling cards would be perfect for a cell and blog address. And don't you love the type font?
5. I've been looking around for a monogrammed catch-all tray for jewelry and such, and this one (in gray, yellow, and white for my preference) fits the bill perfectly. (Warning: may not actually fit in stocking.)
6. This J.Crew bangle. I'm a bangle girl (stacked all the way up my arm) and this one would add some punch to a gold or silver arm party.
7. Don't laugh at me, but I'm recently a huge fan of the Viva La Juicy super girly scent. I'm a scents girl- I like to mix it up on a daily basis, and this is just the scent for a sweet smelling day. 
8. Another scent, but this time just a light dusting powder for after a shower or for a quick freshening up. This line is divine- my mom and I are both huge fans.
Any other ideas out there? I, of course, will stay on the lookout.


Gild and Grace said...

Such great ideas Ainsley! Love that tray and the bangle :)

Abbey x

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