Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tibi Dreams

I've got a secret. And I'm going to tell you because, well, I love you guys.
Tibi has an amazing giveaway going on. And you can enter it here.
You read it right. Runway show tickets, complete with Tibi attire. The flights there, and the means to stay there for a night. Not being much of a contest girl, due to my terrible luck, I literally gasped when I saw this.  So here I am, sharing with you, in the hopes that karma will come around for me sharing the good news and fingers-crossed, I'll be at the Tibi Fall Fashion Show.
Yes, yes, a long shot, I know. But a girl can dream. And plan her complimentary Tibi outfit in the meantime. Which consists of this dress and tights...
with this overcoat...
Pure perfection.


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