Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Decor: A Painted Rug

I need your help.
I know it is only Tuesday, but I have a major DIY project on my radar for the weekend.
Drum roll please.
I'm going to paint my living room rug.
Ok ok, I know it doesn't sound like that huge of a project. But we're talking about me, the girl who has no patience. And the decor perfectionist.
But it's just time for this project. Why? Due to the new addition into my household (ahem, my little goldendoodle Camp), I figured it wasn't quite time to invest in a new rug of choice. So I threw this old Pottery Barn rug of my mom's down thinking it would do until the pup grew up a little and I could move a more decor-friendly one in.
Well, it isn't quite cutting it. So, to jazz things up a bit, I'm considering painting it. I've been looking up tutorials from other bloggers who have taken on the task, and have found lots of great tips for making my painted rug work wonderfully. But now, for the pattern. I'm thinking....
... a version like this, with white and dove gray stripes. Or,
a more eclectic pattern, such as this, with the original linen color and perhaps navy or again, gray (this blogger also has a great tutorial. Follow the link). Or lastly,
a more geometric print, in exactly the colors seen here.
Right now, I am leaning towards the stripe, because quite frankly, it seems the simplest. However, I have chevron pillows on my couch, so I'm worried it will be a little too much zig for my zag if you follow. I know this project is going to take a significant amount of time, and while it isn't high in price, I'm still hoping to replace it with this rug from West Elm soon.
But what are your opinions? Are painted rugs something you would try your hand at? And if so, would you invest more time and effort in doing one of the more intricate designs, or settle for the classic stripe since you know it is going to be replaced soon anyway (and is the chevron an issue here)? Which is your favorite, or do you have a different idea all around? I'd adore your feedback, so let your opinions flow to help me decide!


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