Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Fur

I'm a summer girl. It's no secret I'm a June baby and detest January as much as I detest scratchy sweaters that make you look ten pounds larger. But Fall, Fall I can do. Fall I like. Subtle hints at cooler (not cold) weather attire while still being able to wear clothes that actually give you a shape (you can't have one of those all bulked up for the 30 degree weather in Winter)-- that I can actually look forward to. I can also look forward to boots and leather jackets, two items that will always be among my Top Five Favorite Things To Wear (along with nudge wedges, a flattering LBD, and ankle-length super skinnies). So naturally, I've been perusing for my Fall wardrobe a lot lately. And I've noticed... all i want is fur.

Living at the beach now, I'm pretty confident that in terms of the coat department, the warmest I'll have to have will be one of these beauties. And that's just fine by me.


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