Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

I'm late for our coffee date today. But it's been one of those days. Or it was, at least, until I ran into the colorful designs of Coco Ribbon. Have y'all heard of this girl? London-based and now available in Australia, some of her designs are simply stunning. Like any designer, some of it I loved, and some of it didn't love. But minus the occasional over-the-top print this bold fashionista might throw into her styling, I'm giving my new find two thumbs up for flirty, feminine, and colorful statement pieces. Perk: she's currently having an online sale. Judge for yourself the pieces that won me over:
 Pretty peacock kaftan. Sunny and breezy. Perfect for the beach.
 Fresh skirt and blouse combo. Classy yet youthful and sassy. Perfect for my office.
Sequined bolero.  Ultra glam and girly. Perfect for, well, life.
Navy chiffon frock. Subtle and sexy. Perfect for date night.

Swingy sequined dress. Just plain fun and pretty. Perfect for a party.
Here's to late afternoon day-savers!


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