Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shake the glitter off your clothes now

Dashing in a before a flurry of meetings, a luncheon, and planning galore. The dust will settle soon and posting will return to actual original content (when my internet at home gets turned on finally tomorrow!). But until then, feast your eyes on some new uses for glitter I've stumbled across. I'm very anti too much glitter, but lately I've noticed a little has been growing on me- simply a touch here, a touch there, and sure to brighten your day or your next project:
 Edible glitter = the most glamorous cupcakes ever.
 Surprising glamour applied to simple, every day things like clothespins.
 Alright, sequined shorts aren't really very new but I still just really want some.


Amy said...

I love your pictures - doesn't glitter have such a great way of brightening up one's day? :)


Elizabeth said...

love the nails. i may just have to try that. oh, and please tell me you shop at willow + woods. i ordered some boots from them last fall and am pretty much in love!

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