Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Treasures: Today I love

These Toms sunglasses. The same look as the classic Ray-Bans I sport now, but with a twist in the red and white strips at the back. The best part? For each pair of Toms eyewear you buy, Toms gives eye care, glasses, or eye surgery to a person in need. It's the one-for-one combo that helps this special company change the world.

These strawberry peach vodka popsicles. I don't think I need to explain this one any more...

Everything about this office-on-a-budget design featured on my newest obsession (behind Pinterest, obvi) Made By Girl. Girl can design, I tell ya. And with my mind being almost 100% focused on getting my new abode put together, I go here daily for inspiration and DIY that I'll be actually doing a lot of.

The inner organized nerd at me exhales deeply at this genius idea for storing sheets. Is this common knowledge or am I not the only one who messily folds all my sheets together the best I can? Now if I can just master folding the fitted one....
Speaking of easy, I'm so thankful for whoever made/pinned this little veggie cooking cheat sheet. Things just got a lot less stressful in my kitchen. 
It seems I'm feeling very domestic this Tuesday, doesn't it? So...
Lastly, I'll give you a touch of glamour in showing you this lust-worthy bedroom. A chic headboard and crisp colors. And is it just me or are Dallas Shaw's fashion illustrations just divine? Yes, that's what I thought. I want every. single. one. Go tell her you love her work here


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