Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunshine at Your Fingertips

Let's talk about nail polish.
Stop laughing. Seriously, let's do it. I've been really intrigued by the onslaught of fun bright colors on nails this season. But one in particular that I keep coming back to is yellow polish.

I've experimented pretty well this spring with turquoise, lavender, sea foam green, and even a little pink glitter (which is a far cry from my traditional OPI Bubble Bath or Vodka and Caviar nails). But every time I go to pick out a new polish, I allow myself to study the yellow shades for just some time before turning my head toward something a little more conventional.

The thing is, I really kind of like the buttercream and lemon yellow colors that have emerged for the summer. It adds an unexpected twist (a lemon twist? Sorry, couldn't help it) to the simplest of outfits and acts much like a great piece of statement jewelry would to otherwise plain pieces. With a tan and dark hair, I don't think it's necessarily a matter of "Will it look good on my nails?" as much as it is "Can I pull it off?" Are heads going to turn in a good way, or am I destined to look like a poser? I've found that I especially love OPI's Banana Bandanna, Essie's Mellow Yellow, and Chanel's LA Sunrise. But what about you, do you think yellow nails are a trend to incorporate into your day or are they better left to the devices of celebrities and supermodels?

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Elizabeth said...

i have had the exact same dilemma. i love the yellow look, but i'm afraid it will look like i have a fungus or something... i say go for it, and then let me know the reaction you get :)

Felicia said...

so glad to find your are going on my blog roll

anna katherine stuart said...

I happen to absolutely LOVE yellow. My room is even yellow! Not to put a damper on anything, but coming from a dancer's point of view, I already I have stumpy, scared toes. I'm pretty sure the ONLY time I tried to pull off yellow toe nail polish some very polite friends mistaked it for foot fungus. For those of you fellow dance friends out there, stick to yellow polish ONLY on da hands. Miss you Ains. Love you.=)

Rachel said...

I am LOVING the yellow polish...of course, you'd introduce me to something so stylish! You're too fabulous for words, friend! Library date soon??

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