Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding/Birthday Weekend Recap

As I mentioned briefly on Friday, my birthday celebration coincided with a special wedding that took place the same day. Two of my best friends', Ann Clark and Betsy, older sister and older brother tied the knot. So, naturally, the whole gang headed to Tunica, MS to celebrate with two of our favorite families on their very special day. After a whirlwind of curling irons, cocktail dresses, and celebratory champagne, we headed to the church and watched in awe as the new Mrs. Walker (Rebekah) Sudduth (known to us as Bek) strutted her sassy self down the aisle (while also  anticipating how long MOH Ann Clark could last into the ceremony without shedding a tear. I think she made it, oh, a step down the aisle.)
stole this from Mama of the Bride. Aren't they lovely?
After the "I Do's" ensued, we loaded up and took it to the Harrah's Ballroom for a reception that would take your breath away (and we may or may not have graced with our presence the actual casinos afterwards, but that's neither here nor there). I wish I had more pictures of the wedding and reception decor, but let's face it, I was too enamored by the love in the building, and on top of it being my birthday, my mind was elsewhere. However, I was quick to capture the celebration of the night as most of our very best friends were together again. And as I looked around on the dance floor, surrounded by many of the girls' that have been there through thick and thin, sadness and celebration, the good times and the bad, all twirling, spinning and loving each other, I knew celebrating 25 (oh goodness gracious) was going to have a lot to live up to. 
 MOH, roomie, and (more often than not) my sanity, Ann Clark

 Just too good a pic not to show the world. Band break? No problem. 
all my little lovelies in attendance (minus Layne who was who knows where socializing.)
 Again, my friends like to dance.
 Sister of the groom Betsy and her main man. Presh, huh?
Bride Bek's true colors.

So here's to turning 24 with the people I love, and a big congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Walker Sudduth!


ohyouprettythings said...

Happy Birthday!! :] Looks like a wonderful weekend! :]Love your blog!

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