Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today I am sharing secrets.
But first, let's point out a few obvious facts:
1. I love fashion, and although I am quite content with my closet's collection, I am always on the hunt.
2. I am broke. Not broke in a vagabond sort of way (thank you Jesus for my many blessings), but broke in a graduate-school-post-grad-who-is-soon-to-pay-too-much-for-rent-after-she-relocates-to-begin-her-career sort of way.
Combined, these factors explain that when my absolute favorite turquoise statement necklace broke last week while in D.C., I began the hunt for some sassy new ones to amp up my favorite simple, classic pieces. Oh, and maybe that didn't break the bank.
My Pinterest addiction led me to this beauty, and I instantly tagged it to my "Wish List" board.

Although $78 isn't too extreme for such a gorgeous piece of jewelry, I knew that I should use those bills to, oh I don't know, maybe furnish my new beach home.
Cue my fashion-saavy friend Layne, and at her recommendation, I hit up the Charlotte Russe website. True treasures there, if you're in the mood to sift through some of the junk. Here's what I came up with:
Tribal for $12.50

Bold for $10.50

Twisted strands for $8.50

Do you love, or do you love? Any one of these would be perfect with a simple tank, a little black dress, or to create some color contrasting. Now, don't go rushing to buy these before I can decide which one I like the best. But at those prices, who says you have to get just one?


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