Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recipe for A Girly-Just-For-You Afternoon

Substitutions can be made. Serves one.
Step One: Jam to this song on repeat.

Step Two: Primp. Paint your nails this color.
(I promise it doesn't look quite as pink on your nails)

Step 3: Workout. Outside, if it's as gorgeous as it is here. You'll feel better (especially if you listen to this with it)

Step 4: Put on a bold outfit with this much confidence.

Step 5: Plan a girlfriend get together for the weekend (reunion tomorrow heywhatsup).

Step 6: Bake up something light and springy and delicious, just for you. Like, maybe this fruit pizza I'm about to start drooling over (and leave for the grocery to buy the ingredients)

Step 7: Buy something for yourself. I'm thinking peonies...

Step 8: Be thankful. Be grateful.

Step 9: Tell yourself this.

Mix together and enjoy. For best results, serve with a positive attitude and a few friends. 


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