Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy (Lazy Day) Friday

And Friday has finally arrived, the ring leader to a weekend filled with sweet sunshine and sentimental reunion. Not a thing on the to-do list today except curl up in my crisp sheets a little longer, listen to the birds outside, and mentally prepare for a few days of relaxing and well-deserved fun. (Oh wait, the rod in my closet collapsed last night, sending all my hang-ups toppling into a monster heap on the ground. Oh, handyman where are you?) Wishing you all a fabulous weekend as well to be spent with smiles, laughter, and a little excitement. 


Sabby V said...

Hey, Just discovered your blog and love it. With all the blogs out there so hard to find the real jems like yours:)

You have great taste and just became a follower!


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