Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crystal Light

While laying in my bed this morning, watching the sunlight dance around my room and trying to muster the energy to begin my day, I began browsing through my Pinterest boards (an inspiration website that I'm ridiculously obsessed with) for a few little Thursday morning mood-lifters. I began thinking of how I'll be moving, for good, from Oxford this summer, starting a brand new permanent beginning, a brand new job, and a brand new life. So, of course, I"ll have to decorate a brand new home. Cue my "Future Homes" inspiration board. Then, I laughed to myself as I saw that it seems I'll be hanging a chandelier in every single room of my dream home.

I love crystal chandeliers. I love the elegance they exude, how chic and classic they can be both at the same time. They can make a dining room formal, a living room stylish, or a bathroom quirky. Overhead lighting can often be harsh and too bright, and a chandelier can emit the perfect soft light for a large room.  To say the least, deciding which room will be my chandelier room will be quite the undertaking. A few of my favorites:


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