Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mid-Season Debate

February always seems like such a challenge to me. After the harsh elements of December and January, year after year I find myself yearning for sunlight, shorter hemlines, and bare shoulders come mid-February. But the weather never seems to permit pulling out the Spring wardrobe, and even if it did, Mama taught me not to wear my white dresses before Easter (I know this Labor Day/Easter deal isn't a fashion rule anymore, but I still battle with it in my adult years.) So, that leaves the challenge of freshening up my winter pieces, putting a little 'spring' in my step -- pardon the pun. I know I'm not the only one with this issue.
These are a few spring-ish looks with pairings that I have in mind to re-create this month. They are all classic with a twist, with clean, flattering lines, and timeless aspects (surprise, right?):

For the dress lover (that's me), a fun but neutral cardigan translates the look during the in-between weather.
 Oh, Camilla. Here, the wool skirt is freshened up for spring with a sheer top and a classic patent pump.

The things I am nostalgic for of my winter wardrobe once spring is in the air are my leather jackets. Whitney Port keeps pushing hers a bit, pairing it with a swingy shift but no stockings. (I'll need some sunless tanner first, how about you?)

Isn't she lovely? Black sheer tights and a suede pump tone down the winter white pencil skirt and gauzy blouse. The black patent belt also draws the eye towards that tiny waist and adds another dark element, along with the necklace, to help the outfit be February appropriate.
This may be one of the most perfect examples of casual chic I've ever seen. Jeans that fit perfectly and an airy-but-tailored white blouse-- you can't get much simpler than that. Tucked in with some heel height and a dark bag makes this look fresh and any-season appropriate.
all images via The Vogue Diaries


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