Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scarpe Scarpe Scarpe

I'm kinda pretty positive everyone that loves J.Crew (and has been on their website recently) has seen this new short film the style geniuses we love so produced on their recent trip to Italy. When the J.Crew Spring Collection hit the rack, I automatically started watching these beauties... among other things of course:

But my graduate school budget, along with the ever-growing list of things I need (of which the majority may or may not be other objects of my current affection) told me to hold off girlfriend, and watch the sale rack. Noted.
But then I saw this video, capturing the passion, persistence, quality, and incredible eye for design that goes into each and every shoe made for the company. And although I'll still be waiting for the sale rack, a discount card, or my birthday (ahem), there's no turning back from the deep style respect I attribute to the J.Crew shoe department (and wonderful, fabulously stylish Jenna Lyons) forever more.

Ps: the title is Italian for 'Shoes Shoes Shoes"


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