Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Magenta

Let me begin by saying this:
I don't like to think I'm a pink girl. But maybe I am.
I don't claim to adore pink. And I really try to stay away from it in the dressing room. But when I'm decorating, or putting together color combos for whatever reason, I seem to always add touches of a soft, baby pink. And the fact of the matter is, my dark-almost-black hair compliments pinks (let's exclude the bubblegum shade of pink from this discussion, seeing as it makes me want to gag.)
However, when I saw this photo the other day, I suddenly wanted a little magenta in my life. 
"I could wear that color", I found myself thinking. Maybe it was the color scheme, those magenta flowers paired with that beautiful azure sky. Whatever the reason, the combo got me thinking....

Magenta for an affair:

magenta wedding

Magenta for a night out:

magenta night out

Magenta as accessories:

magenta short

Perhaps some magenta for me this spring?


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