Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Front and Center

I have a serious obsession with the ballet. At the ripe old age of three, I was a toe-tapping, point-and-flex, plie-releve kind of toddler. And I didn't stop there. (I did stop when I was old enough to try out for cheerleader, which my mom still has issues with- still sorry mom) My freshman year of college, Center Stage (also known as all dancers' favorite movie) played on repeat in Mary Glenn and my dorm room (and we may have sashayed around our corner room quite a bit doing the steps to the dances as well. Maybe.) Even now, twenty years after my first ballet lesson, I watch for ballet attributes in every day life. The fluid, graceful movements of a dancer's body are unmistakable, and to say the least, I was quite judgmental of the Miss America candidate who tried to recreate Jody Sawyer's red-pointe-shoe-wearing final performance. 
The point of these ramblings is to explain how enamored I am with this ballet-inspired shoot for Vogue Russia. Beautiful, graceful, and even the settings of the scene are so true to life you'd swear they plucked their starring model from the studio minutes before shooting:

See the spread in its entirety here. And just because (this is for you Mary Glenn):


Emily Nelson said...

such a ballet-geek
and obviously loved your post that combined vogue with ballet! how neat. also randomly watched center stage (watch instant on netflix) & can't get enough of that movie. what a classic! love! xoxo

Lauren said...

That was so cool! I don't think I've seen Russian Vogue before, but I loved it! Have you seen Black Swan yet? It's to die for!

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