Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I woke up this morning to something I haven't seen in quite some time:
Sunshine. Praise the Lord for the sun. Although the snow and cozy winter clothes have been a nice change from our typical lukewarm Mississippi winters, the winter wonderland has been wearing me down a little bit. For a through-and-through summer girl, I've been getting quite nostalgic for warm temperatures and hot sunshine. And while today is by no means warm, the sun is casting a lovely yellow glow on everything around.
Yellow is one of my favorite colors for just that reason. It's one of the few colors that is warm and inviting while also adding a pop to any situation it is added to. Although I'm a white-and-neautral-with-maybe-some-cool-blues type of decorator, I've been drawn to bright yellow accents in rooms these days (hence the reason my living room is sporting bright yellow iKat pillows right now). And as a natural dark brunette, yellow is one of my very favorite colors to wear, anytime anyplace. Some lovely pops of yellow inspired by the long awaited sunshine today:

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Wanderings of a Wannabe said...

All of those pictures make me swoon...It is so nice to see some sunshine after so much gray!

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