Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two True Delights

Run, don't walk, run to your local drugstore, Target, or mailbox and make the September issue of InStyle yours as quickly as you can. Seriously, this issue is as big as the Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor coffee table book that sits next to it in front of me as we speak.

It's got some seriously hot, seriously trendy, and seriously thrifty ideas and inspirations for the upcoming fall wardrobe- more than ever before, if you ask me (the InStyle addict). And if you are currently a graduate-student-living-on-a-budget-while-attempting-to-conquer-the-feat-of-not-looking-like-you-are-on-a-budget like moi, then this issue is for you. My favorite part? For the next four months, InStyle will feature three fashion editors who are "shopping on a budget" each issue to update their fall and winter wardrobe. One will spend $100 a month, another $500, and the next $1000 to show budget-saavy pieces that can transform the wardrobe of the most minimalist spender to the most extravagant. Cool, huh?

And while we are on the topic of my favorite magazine, let me introduce you to my favorite online provider. My friend Amy (who knows basically everything cool when it comes to anything) opened my eyes to Maghound last week. What is Maghound, you ask? Read on.

Maghound is a magazine provider that provides all your monthly magazines for one low price. For $4.95 a month, Maghound will send you three magazines of your choice to your home address. For $7.95, they'll send you five. And for $9.95, Maghound will send you-the-big-reader seven magazines to your doorstep. But the price is far from the best part. Getting tired of one of your subscriptions? Just log on to your Maghound account and switch out one of your preferences without skipping a beat. Moving? Log on to your account and change your delivery address so you'll never lose a subscription. It's magazines made easy for the busy and busier and I'm obsessed. I'm currently signed up for InStyle, Self, and Real Simple (ruling out People Style Watch, Southern Living, and good ole Martha was hard to do- but you have to draw a line somewhere, right?) So go check out Maghound and feed your obsession.


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