Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Romantics

This morning, I stumbled across this precious photo shoot via J Crew's site and was instantly intrigued.

Shot with the cast of the upcoming film, The Romantics, J Crew dressed to embody the personality and style of each of the characters within the movie. Becoming a bit more curious of this quirky shoot, I found the trailer for the movie- what a treat. The Romantics is about a charming group of best friends (referred to by this name because they have basically all fallen in love with each other at one point or another) who reunited for a weekend getaway wedding of one of their own. The twist? The bride (Anna Paquin) and the maid of honor (Katie Holmes) have had a longtime rivalry over the groom (Josh Duhamel). MOH and Groom stay up late together the night before the wedding, and of course problems ensue on wedding day. With other cast members such as Malin Akerman, Adam Brody, and Elijah Wood, the chemistry of the cast is apparent as they portray that in friendship, there is  "love, destiny and other events you just can't plan for."
Watch the trailer here. You'll fall in love.


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