Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living Room Love

In our new humble abode, we are working with a (cough) dainty living room/entrance space. Although it has  hardwood floors and a beautiful fireplace, it's space doesn't exactly rival that of the Ritz. However, it's adorable and it's cozy and it's just what three female graduate students need for the next little while.
Now, since it is a small space, we stuck to neutral cream/linen/beige couches and chairs, with a pop of rich dark wood in a large antique side table and leather ottoman. And we're hoping our glass-topped coffee table, crystal lamps, and large wall-mirrors trick the eye and won't stop the flow of space.
For our room accents, we really wanted some colors and ideas that would pop and give the room a fresh feel. We decided on these  modern patterns for some euro-pillows to go on the two couches (we are getting the fabric for a steal here). Warning: the colors are a little more severe online than in the real fabric. This cool blue is tranquil and serene and reminds me of the beach living I miss so dearly:
We also found a wonderful, lemony colored Ikat print that compliments the shape and design of this light vintage blue:

Both of these pillows will be in two large 20 inch pillows on each couch, with the alternating pattern in a small 10 inch pillow in front.We'll also have a few more accent pillows thrown into our comfy chairs and our desk chair as well.
In addition, we'll be covering our four bar stools' seats in either one of these two patterns, or a complimentary navy pattern:
Your opinions please? Too much or just enough?
We are at a standstill for curtain ideas. We have a very large window that opens into the living area. While we know we want to use over-the-window curtains (curtains that come about ten inches about the window frame), we're not sure exactly what color to use. Linen curtains? Cream on white patterned curtains? Or the navy print above?
We also have a few do-it-yourselves going on at this time, such as distressed wooden stair-step shelves to conquer an awkward wall-space, interesting wall art, and restoring an antique side table (in a lovely color). We're on the prowl for the perfect bookshelf that we can paint up and tuck away our favorite display pieces into. Hit me up if you happen to stumble across that lovey as well.
Pictures when the room is complete, promise. And as soon as I make some more decisions, I'll give you the 411 on my bedroom (which is a white-room lover's dream).


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