Friday, July 30, 2010

Contemporary Twists

Someone sign me up for this bedroom right now because I'm absolutely dying over it and it would only be safe for my sanity to have it. This whole room embodies my mantra of classic with a twist. The cool blues and creams keep it crisp and clean so it's not too girly and would be the perfect room to share with a hubby. The mirrored vanity with matching stool adds a modern element that blends perfectly with the fresh tone of the room, while the chandelier is a pop of elegance in an otherwise understated room.  The large vanity mirror and the above-the-window treatments open the space up, making it feel unusually larger than the bedroom really is. Other modern elements like the porcelain figure above the bed, the clustered knick knacks on the vanity, and the silver euro-shams on the bed are unique twists that discretely add to the overall effect (although pardon moi while I throw out those mohair pillows- perhaps I'll replace with a nice monogram, surprise!). This space screams relaxation, coffee and a magazine in bed, getting ready for a date night out, and a rainy day movie marathon- right clicking and saving for future use now.


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