Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SATC alert

So this evening, during my daily peruse of InStyle online, what should I come across?

Yep, that's right. A quiz that puts you packaged neatly and tied up in a bow into the style category of one of our favorite four fashionista darlings. Naturally, I was left clicking before my brain actually sent the message to my fingers. My friends and I have an ongoing joke of which of the dream team we'd portray in real life, and this was my chance to have InStyle give me my answer. Would I be fun and flirty Carrie (fingers crossed), sexy Samantha (wide-eyes), classy Charlotte, or... um.... Miranda (come on, you know you think that, too).  Turns out, I could have predicted my answer.

Your style is classic and pretty like...

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt 

Demure and feminine, your style twin is Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, the consummate Park Avenue princess. Your closet is full of florals, ruffles, delicate heels and a rainbow of preppy polo shirts. You favor country club separates on the weekend and elegance for evening. Never one to reveal too much, your idea of sexy is a bare shoulder and a hint of toe cleavage.

So I don't hate it. Now run along girls, I dare you not to give it a go yourself here.


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