Monday, May 17, 2010

From the Road

Hello from the road, and I hope all you lovelies reading have had a fabulous weekend. Summer is creeping up on us all, and that is one thing I have been constantly reminded of as I've traveled and vacationed this week. The bathing suits start peeking out, hemlines rise with the temperature, and the Sun pushes the clouds away. Summer has always been a hiatus for me- trying new things, new places, new habits and new people. I look forward to Summer like I look forward to seeing an old friend that will envelope me in such a familiar hug that I'm never quite ready when the time comes to let go (shout out MCK- missing you). Now, if you know me, you know I'm notorious for my lists. I have a whole little pink leather pocket notebook filled with lists: Walgreens lists, bucket lists, shopping lists, to-do lists. My lists keep my life in order (and yes, I am vaguely aware how OCD that sounds, but to each his own, right?) So naturally, while in the car staring out at the Welcome to Knoxville signs (because that's where I am today), I made a lists of the things I am so looking forward to about this particular summer, and a few things I want to do along the way.

1. The Big Move: 30A here we come! I can't wait to drive that overpacked Mercedes up our soon to be new driveway and crack open a bottle of champagne on the porch of our own little beach cottage on the Emerald Coast. Naturally, I'll be taking lots of pictures of our summer escape and filling you in (almost annoyingly ) of our summer adventures- because with Layne, Haley, Dana, and Michelle, there are absolutely positively going to be stories that keep us in stitches for weeks to come!

2. My Best Friends' Wedding: Not the movie, the actual event. Thinking of Rachel and Masey floating down the aisles in their dream gowns up to the man of their dreams already has me in chill bumps. And although their husbands are more than deserving, I'm sure to be an emotional wreck as two of my own are taken from single-girl city to matrimonial bliss. Be expecting a few posts dedicated to theses girls, and even more about the big event itself. It's going to be a real-life Party in the USA video (minus Miley, thank goodness).
3. Beach Chic: I know, I know, not a monumental event or exciting plan, but my favorite thing about summer is the attire. Preppy casual, always a sundress, big prints and cutouts with even bigger beach totes and beach waves. Beach beach beach for me. Will my new summer salary burn a whole in my pocket? I'll keep you posted.
4. Summer Skin: While I am an avid believer in SPF 30+ (and you should be, too), I love the dewy, golden summer skin that comes in June.  It practically welcomes a minimal makeup approach to your evenings out, and a tan takes white attire to a whole new level.
5. My Birthday: I'm not going to go into detail (because really, who doesn't love their birthday?), but its June the 18th just in case you were wondering.
6. Welcoming the New: Although my summers have always been a hiatus from the real world, they have also been a time of transition in welcoming the new- and this year, that especially applies to me. Graduate school, a new job, a new house with new roommates- although its still the same town, this new Oxford is going to bring me such change and transition in August that I'm going to need the summer to let it all sink in before I get there. The hesitations in my heart will undoubtedly turn into expectations and excitement for a new year ahead after they have all been through my summer sifter.
7. Decorating: A new house means new decor and new design! That in itself has such a wonderful ring to it, and I am so looking forward to scouring Ikat pillows, window treatments, and DIY wall art ideas in preparation for our move-in August date. If you're lucky, I'll write a few how-to ideas in the making decor category as I get to work! So, be nice.
8. Learning a Little Bit: With a new job in a new city, I'm bound to learn so much that my head may not even hold it all.  I anticipate the new set of refined skills that I will take away from this PR/Marketing/Magazine position I'll be working in to help make my future a little more clear. But I can't wait to learn the little things as well. Like how to balance a beach bag on your bike while reading to the beach. Or how to become a local instead of a summer tourist. Or how to maybe wake up in time for a sunrise on the beach a time or to. Don't worry, I'll be too excited to keep these things to myself, so of course I'll share here.
While my actual list is a little longer, these are the big ones that I had time to write about. Additions will be made to this list and I'm sure I will write as I check each one off, documenting and describing everything I encounter.What are you excited for this summer?


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