Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coastal Dreams

If I haven't mentioned before, I'm spending my long dog days of summer on the Emerald Coast working at the most fabulous marketing firm and magazine that you can see both here and here. And since I'm in need of a major distraction in these early days following graduation, naturally I turn my attention to style. I'll be moving to a new place in August, and am really hoping to incorporate the relaxed, tranquil feeling of beach decor into my new home. Simple, understated, with just the right amount of light colors and breezy fabrics- sure I may not have the ocean in my backyard year-round, but having it there for June and July is sure to give me great inspiration for some decorating ideas upon my arrival back to Mississippi. After avidly stalking Coastal Living this evening, I've come upon some rooms I'm really coveting already:
I'm loving the color-scheme surrounding the couch here. Sign me up. Plus, how plush do those floor pillows look when there isn't quite enough seating room for all the company?

The headboard, the linens, the curtains, the statement rug- although I could do without the wood-paneled walls in favor of something white-washed, this room is both airy and fabulously modern.

White and light and airy and also with a canopy? Oh my, wrap it up and give it to me for my birthday with a few monogrammed pillows.

While I'm pretty sure we won't be decorating a bunk room next year, I do love the color scheme and softness this room exudes.

I love a chaise as much as a canopy. 

A blend of cane chairs and luxuries drapes is absolutely tasteful.


Clint and Jeri Anne said...

Oh, yay! I've found a new blog to stalk. Your mommy sent me the link, which has been so perfect today on my long roadtrip to 30A. So proud of you, my little Ainsley!

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